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Sigowet Soin Constituency : 2017 Political Analysis

Sigowet Soin Constituency 

Political Analysis 2017

This seat is the most hotly contested of all the seats in Kericho County. I remember immediately after 2013 elections the electorates enlighten with social media took centre stage and started expressing their dissatisfaction with the incumbent through Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram while Kipsengeret conceded defeat at the URP nominations stage and backed the incumbent while other contestants went underground and never to be seen again.

After a year later things took a different direction when we saw the emergence of other aspirants eyeing the same seat in the coming general election of 2017.

Firstly, Kipsengeret Koros has been best aspirant of them all by allowing the incumbent to complete his term.  Then came Dr. Soi, Viva, Ken Kuley, Alfred Bett, Robinson Kigen and Rono Jonathan.

Dr.Soi is a politician of early 1997 who still has dreams of taking the mantle of leadership but seeking votes through sympathy.

Alfred Bett came by storm took the centre stage of Sigowet Soin politics for a period of 6 months and left the scene that no one still remember him as of now.

Viva is an underground politician who maintains his name in the political scene but nowhere to be seen in the public.

Ken Kuley is a political broker, if he is given his portion he might exit the seen of politics and never to be seen again.

Robinson Kigen I think to say the truth is a man after status quo and want to  accomplish his ambitions of greener pasture. He even doesn't know his village well.

Rono Jonathan is a young man in politics who has people in his heart but again he is tempted to quit if the race become too tight.

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  1. I disagree with the commendation of this guy purporting to know sigowet/soin constituency. His conflict of interest in Kipsengeret is doing him favour.